Interview – Ep 003: Impact Investing: Leave Your Legacy (and Receive a Return)

Course Overview

  • In this episode, President and CEO of the Community Foundation of Western Nevada, Chris Askin, explains how this innovative nonprofit treats giving like an investment.

    More than just a charity, the Foundation gives donors the opportunity to choose the kind of legacy they’d like to leave, start their own fund, and even receive a return.

    One of the most frustrating plights with traditional giving is that you are completely in the dark about where your donation is going and how it is being used. Chris’s Foundation takes a very different approach: through strict reporting requirements and a transparent process, donors are treated more like trusted business partners; they can see exactly how their money is being used and what impact it is having on the recipients.

    In this episode, you’ll learn things like:
    • How philanthropy can work as an investment AND fund a worthy project
    • Little-known ways the Foundation can help you create a lasting legacy
    • How to sustain your wealth through diverse giving
    • What the “zero tax formula” is and how it can provide a huge tax advantage, put money in your pocket, and create a positive impact
    • How a $20,000 contribution turned into a multimillion-dollar anti-bullying program that is helping over 65,000 elementary and middle school kids in over 50 Washoe County Schools

    Plus, learn how the Foundation’s groundbreaking new Caregiver Support Initiative is helping thousands of families. You could be one of them!

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