Interview – Billionaire George Roberts: Private Equity and Investing

Course Overview

  • An interview with Billionaire and Co-Founder of Private Equity giant KKR. George discusses the start of Private Equity and how it has evolved over the years, he also gives some insight into where he believes it is heading in the future. George finishes by giving advice for life and those looking to pursue a career in Private Equity.

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    Video Segments:
    0:00 Introduction
    4:48 Start of Private Equity
    7:39 What’s changed since the start?
    10:07 Best & Worst deals
    13:45 Investing in people
    15:34 How to get into MBA and thrive
    20:48 How has your partnership with Henry Kravis worked so well
    24:22 View on Activist investors
    26:23 Future trading trends
    28:38 China
    31:56 Views for 2015/2016
    33:26 Bringing market forces to social impact
    37:20 Encouraging others to give back to the community
    39:27 Start of Q&A
    39:35 Is Private Equity in China going to grow?
    41:58 What does good management look like?
    45:03 How can African governments align with investors?
    47:23 Principles of compensation?
    50:12 Lessons in venture philanthropy?
    52:44 Crucial skill undergraduates should have?

    Interview Date: 9th November 2015
    Event: UCLA Robertson Lecture Series on Global Leadership
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