Documentary – Social Forestry – A Solution for Climate Change

Course Overview

  • Indonesia is endowed with the world’s third largest area of tropical rainforest, covering sixty-seven percent of the country’s landmass. Forests play a significant role in both climate change mitigation and adaptation. Sustainably-managed forests can reduce CO2 emissions and at the same time increase carbon stocks and biodiversity.

    To counter balance large-scale forest concessions granted to large corporations, the Indonesian government launch a Social Forestry Initiative, committing a total of 12.7 million hectares of forests for community-based forest management. The initiative is aimed to ensure economic livelihood for the impoverished-forest dwellers, including adat and indigenous communities, and at the same time ensure that forests are sustainably-managed. The initiative recognised the rights of communities including adat communities to run community-based forest management within state and private or adat forests.

    Produced by Multistakeholder Forestry Programme (MFP)

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